Good news, there’s hope…

There is always light at the end of the tunnel,
and tomorrow is a new day.
Yup, this site is here to help to remind you of that!
Whatever anxiety and heart troubles you might be going through, believe that you are not the only one and that God has a unique plan for you.

Below and left are categories and posts
from great people, like you, with similar heart pangs.
Chill here and click on the hanging pictures or
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Rise to a new hope

The hope wall
As the sun set on 2015, it is fair to say that not everyone was sad to say goodbye. But along with all the disappointments, many will be rising to a new hope for 2016. Here are some photographs that I took (alongside my musings) in Los Angeles on the eve of the New Year.
By Tori R

image2 (2)
(Nothing like a beautiful reflection to make you reflect)

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Um, can I start again?

The hope wall

Summer Musings: The other day I bought a t-shirt from Zara. You know the type with the writing on them that says ‘I am all about this!’ This particular top was a reminder of new begginings. As we enter the second part of 2015, how many of us are beating ourselves up about not yet achieving what we set out to do and who says we still can’t?

Soemthign new Zara
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Grateful just for today

The hope wall
In the past couple of weeks I have been reminded and ruminating on how often we take things for granted. If I may be honest for a moment. Often times I am consumed with me. ‘When am I going to get the dream house I’ve wanted to buy for the past couple of years?’ (That’s a whole other story altogether!). ‘I’m in my 30’s now (and have been for a while!), when is that husband coming? Job is good, but could be better. When asked, how’s work? Sometimes I would reply ‘Oh can’t complain.’ I wonder if there is a little hint of complaint in that statement. I am obsessed with me! Let’s face it, it is human nature. Something we can all identify with.
By Kemi O
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I’m still waiting

Recently, I have been thinking a great deal about the concept of time and how it can be defined in so many different ways. I find myself in the waiting period a great deal and something I battle on a regular basis. Time can be so many things;  events in the past, present and future, measurement in hours and minutes, an event in history, the expected time for something to happen, one’s lifetime or an indefinite period. I am reminded once more that all these require a loss of control and embracing the unknown waiting for time to come to pass. I am learning (while finding it difficult and extremely challenging!) to find the beauty in the waiting. For time is greater than I can humanly comprehend. Here’s a poem I wrote that says it all…
By K Groen
cat waiting
(He’s a bit miffed with waiting)
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It’s a sunny gold to me!

The hope wall

Was the dress blue or was it gold? Do you remember this whole saga earlier this year? It really wound me up. Not because it was everywhere on social media but because I couldn’t make sense of it. I saw both colours depending on when I looked at it. And for someone like me, that turned out to be quite significant.

By Laura Clarke

blue and gold
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Can I have it free….please?

The hope wall
Freebie. It’s a word we all love. This week I discovered that well known fast-food chain Prêt a Manger have been giving away free coffee in a random act of kindness. The popular theory is this treat is for anyone the barista thinks is pretty or special (my ego obviously likes this, as I got two in one day and a free Chai Latte from Caffe Nero) BUT they responded in a recent tweet to The heart wall to explain it was to brighten someone’s day (The formal answer). How lovely. What is it about us that makes us find our identity in other things, and how can we see this differently? 

By Rochelle B.
the hope wall
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Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

The hope wall

Fear gets at us sometimes, but here are some of my top tips for living without it.
By Michelle V

He’s taken a risk . It looks ify, but he’ll be ok.
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They washed my feet

The hope wallShortly after my first ever church experience (I only really did church at Easter and major dates), I was invited to a small home group, and I found myself going just to make friends. I didn’t get any of the theology, but I could sense they were a safe bunch of people that would be gentle with my heart. Some things were hard to engage with (singing songs, praying aloud) and the icebreakers were often silly. Sorry. However, I did stick with it. Then one night, the team leader gently asked me for a bucket and a towel so she could wash people’s feet. I was like “…ok”, but I was pleasantly surprised.
By Stella K

(You didn’t warn us. I should have had a pedi) Continue reading

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Then there was light

Yesterday, I watched a shared YouTube video on ‘waiting’ where a young lady shares her epic wedding day vows to her tearful husband. It’s a beautiful two part poem about before, during and after the wait. Shortly after, I left work to go home and stood at traffic lights near the tube station and the word ‘Wait’ flashed up as I reached the island. This caught my attention and I took pictures. WHAT IS IT about waiting in relationships, family, careers and all the important things?
By The hope wall 

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Just do you

The hope wall

I’ve struggled in the past wondering how far I take ME to work, to church and to meet the parents. You know, the real me. The one who says a sentence and adds at least two other contrasting thoughts that fly in, before I get to the end of it (just multitasking), the real-self who smiles a lot, but, actually, doesn’t always fancy it, or do it for that matter. The me who gesticulates wildly when I get passionate about, um, everything? Do they, whoever THEY are, want to see that, or will some of my personal or even feminine traits be looked down on in a workplace or new environment? This week, as most of the world celebrated International Women’s Day and womanhood with its unique set of challenges, it also begs the question, can women and men be authentically different in every situation and find value in that?
By Rochelle B

(Epic strut. Maybe a little inappropriate for the commute.) Continue reading

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